Orly Secret Society Winter Holiday 2013

Orly Secret Society nail polish collectionThe Orly Secret Society nail polish collection for Fall 2013 features six new polishes.  It's mainly a shimmer collection with the addition of a red creme and all of the shades are stunning.



Masked Ceremony - A dark toned, charcoal grey polish with lots of little holographic micro glitter.  Dark shades are trendy and great for the season.  It has the perfect touch of sparkle and this will probably be a favorite from the collection.

Masked CeremonyMasked Ceremony

Macabre Masquerade - A medium-dark toned blue base shimmer polish with little specks of multi colored glitter including silver, blue, and pink.

Macabre MasqueradeMacabre Masquerade

Voyeuristic Adventure - A light toned taupe foil polish.  A great shade is you like soft nudes and it's a perfect shade for any occasion.  It'll make your nails pretty and appealing without being too dramatic.

Voyeuristic AdventureVoyeuristic Adventure

Lavish Bash - A clear base polish with tons of silver and gold micro glitter.  A super pretty and sparkly nail polish that's a great addition to this collection.

Lavish BashLavish Bash

What’s the Password - a rich, medium toned fiery orange shimmer polish with tons of gold shimmer.  It's a gorgeous color and not your typical orange.

What’s the PasswordWhat’s the Password

Risqué Encounter - A vibrant and rich tomato-red creme polish.  A beautiful color for the season or any other time.  If you like red polishes you'll probably love this shade because it's a standard red and it's awesome.

Risqué Encounter Risqué Encounter


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